King Arthur . Legend of the Sword

I think this is one of the most enduring of tales. With the new movie coming out I’m having a go at designing some artwork/posters to celebrate. I’ve created three so far and would love some feedback on what appeals or not, and why. I’m also going to work on the three characters in the love triangle of Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot.





Faerie Story

With Neil Gaiman publishing so many different sorts of graphic novel or stories like  “The Sleeper and the Spindle” and “Odd and the Frost Giants”  I thought I’d try a Faerie story.

Certainly different  from my more epic fantasy. But I wanted to a carry on with doing illustration.

Here is my story so far and two images. Lianta the Sprite and the place she goes to interact with little red, a fox and dragon.


The Making Of Attera

Lianta searched the riverbank for objects washed up from the last rains.  A glint of metal caught her eye. She flew closer.  Half buried in the earth was a round pot. She touched it. But there was no spark to ignite her magic. Disappointed, she moved on.

The sound of hooves struck rock. Startled, she zipped into the nearby reeds and peeked out.  A Nixie, half formed was trying to reach the water. It couldn’t. A band of armed faeries converged on it and sliced into its flesh, fast and hard.  The Nixie’s magic broke. It returned to its female form and oozed orange- red blood

. The blood began to rise and curl into smoke, the smell and taste of it potent; dangerous.  The faeries scattered with shrieks of frustration, all but one of them disappearing into the forest.  He paused at the tree’s edge, eyes filled with hate before he too, was gone.

Lianta knew he’d be back. She was about to move when the Nix spoke. ‘Lost one.’

She froze. How could she see her?

‘By death’s grace I am free,’ the Nixie said and flowed toward the water. ‘Sprite. Your existence has been discovered. Look to the south and night’s new song. It will save you.’

‘Save us…?’ Lianta said but the Nixie was in the water, a green and golden horse again as she sank.

Lianta shuddered. If the Nixie knew about them – did they also know of the found objects?  Was that why they’d attacked the Nixie, looking for information? The war had waged between them, ten long cycles, waxed and waned but it seemed it appeared the former.


She was worried about her people yet needed to find another found object. They were the source of their magic, objects pulled here from the world of man. They’d become the foundation of Aterra, their hidden city.

She thought of what the Nixie had said.  Night could mean many things even dark shadow. Wind swayed branches and leaves, and a small exquisite sound filled the air. She froze. The sound came again, somewhere in the forest to the south. She flew off and spied the found object, a bell nestled within undergrowth.

The circumference of its base was a tenth of her size but knew that could deceptive. As she drew closer the shimmer of magic swirled back and forth. She took a chance and flew toward the gap and….was in, energy rushing through her body and wings with such force she almost burst.

She recovered after a moment and gazed about a great foyer, rimmed like a desert morning sun with gold and green.

Here was their salvation.

She moved forward to explore the new space through a scrolled gate to a vast and many layered structure. A door beckoned. She paused.  Her imagination had supplied this vastness but where had it come from? Something seen or remembered from the past?

A table bore a scroll.  Inside it was a map and list of four found objects. Who had made it?  There was a name at the bottom.  Ruby Demaron.

The name sparked something in her but it was illusive. Did it have anything to do with how the magic had manifested?

The pendant had been unique and her first home. It now belonged to another member of her family who needed it.

There were four founding families and she’d helped all of them to refine and enhance the magic. This object was bigger, significant. It could almost hold all of them.

Is that what the Nixie meant?  Was Attera in that much danger?

The bell suddenly shook.  She flew to the opening and met the vicious eyes of the male faerie.   ‘Got you,’ he said.

She jerked back. He thrust his fingers inside b ut they were too big and he couldn’t reach her.    He shook the bell, shouting, ‘You’re mine. You can’t escape.’ Then thrust the bell down into… his coat pocket.  She knew it from its silk lined fragrance. She was stuck.

A fizz of energy ran down her spine. She turned. The map on the desk had opened. It appeared oddly thick.  When she poked the edges with her nail it lifted back.

Inside was another piece of paper. Unfolded it revealed a pattern of swirls made in black ink. Without thought, she began tracing a curve and was soon in the centre. She drew back startled and found a lantern in her hand. It looked blurred as if in motion as it shone a light on an archway toward the back of the foyer. Emerald glinted. She moved forward and through to a rock cavern, lit by many small gemstones scattered across its walls and beyond to a pool.

Its surface was silver until she peered into it and saw a two storied, oddly metallic pink house nestled in a forest.

The house zoomed closer and suddenly she was right at its front door. She jerked around and the cavern had gone.







Poem :


Making a Cello


The body exudes twists of complex muscle.

Inside a hollow palpable silence.

It is still young.


Nodes are inserted.

Without then strings have no tension

and tension draws the best from fingers

as the bow slides with soft and hard intent.


But not yet.

It is still young.


Lacquer is applied with slow precision.

The long sweep of sensual curve

composes as it hardens to a sunset resonance.


It is set aside for aging.

its first voice raw; transcendent.





In The New year

Not long until Christmas now  and the new year. It makes me think of what to look forward to – New beginnings and opportunities.

I’m going to catalogue my progress from now on as I further my illustration skills and work on a graphic novel.

My inspiration comes Neil Gaiman’s  Sandman series. And I’ve found a wonderful artist /writer Deepak Chopras whose stories revolve around Indian Myths.

Old fables, legends and myths pop up at this time of year.  I like to think they give us hope and help us embrace , share beliefs and to look back on the way our ancestors viewed the world they lived in.


Birth of Aphrodite







This has been a busy and productive year for me.  I’ve enjoyed participating in courses on  Subjects on photography, art and design, illustration.

It has all helped to  broaden the area, method and themes of my artwork.

I still love doing fantasy art too.  Some of my work can be seen at  in their Volume  4 competition entries.

I have updated my web site if you’d like to check out my latest

One of my new art pieces reflecting on winter

One of my new art pieces reflecting on winter


great and secret show

I always enjoy entering the many on-line art competitions. Seeing all the other artists work is an inspiration and keeps me going.

“Four Elements” the latest competition on “Exhibition Without Walls” shows some fantastic art.
I was also thrilled to get into their top 26 final images. Go to

At the moment I am concentrating on some fantasy art.  Above is a sample  “Great And Secret Show”

Art and Design

After just missing out on being selected to create a mural for the new Fraser Brisbane Hotel, I’ve looked around for  more design projects and happily found a lot.  The latest I’ll be entering is the  ” 2014 Art & Engineering Global Challenge”  at

It’s great to see art and engineering exploring connections.  Creativity is key to innovation. how will they enhance each other in the next 50 years?   How far will we travel?




Finalist in Competition

It was wonderful to be a finalist in the Latest  ” Exhibition Without Walls ”  on-line juried competition –  ” Impressions.”

My 2 entries were  ” Bird’s eye view” and “Cosmos” and can be seen now  at

It’s a fabulous site for digital art.  They provide themes and its great to create something from them; to expand on my own ideas.

this is another of the images I sent to the comp.

“Storm” another of the images I sent to the comp.