Art and Design

After just missing out on being selected to create a mural for the new Fraser Brisbane Hotel, I’ve looked around for  more design projects and happily found a lot.  The latest I’ll be entering is the  ” 2014 Art & Engineering Global Challenge”  at

It’s great to see art and engineering exploring connections.  Creativity is key to innovation. how will they enhance each other in the next 50 years?   How far will we travel?




Finalist in Competition

It was wonderful to be a finalist in the Latest  ” Exhibition Without Walls ”  on-line juried competition –  ” Impressions.”

My 2 entries were  ” Bird’s eye view” and “Cosmos” and can be seen now  at

It’s a fabulous site for digital art.  They provide themes and its great to create something from them; to expand on my own ideas.

this is another of the images I sent to the comp.

“Storm” another of the images I sent to the comp.





The open skein of vine leaf

maps the faith of monks

from fragile beginnings to the strength

and purpose of prophecy.

Blood and wine travelling the road

of pilgrimage in vessels of ceremony

as diverse as the taste on lips

of region, of the ritual passion

of harvest.

Afternoon Jazz Session

.Afternoon Jazz Session.

Smooth reed crooning

prickles more than my skin.

You used to play, ” Strangers on The Shore.”

Each and every time a new introduction

to erratic heart tide.

You said, “improvisation’s the key.”

It wakes a chain of tears

each and every droplet a new introduction

to what is lost.

And drums sweep

a soft shuffle, poignant refrain

All That Jazz (2)


Making a Cello

The body exudes twists of complex muscle.

inside a hollow palpable silence;

its is still young.


Nodes are inserted.

Without them strings have no tension

and tension draws best from fingers.


Lacquer is applied with slow precision.

Glossed on the long sweep of sensual curve

then set aside for the aging.


The imprint of hand and heart

waits the transformation of sound;

hangs between a constellation of resonance.


It’s first voice is raw; transcendent.